Congratulations to The Meher Schools for Winning 2011 Contra Costa County Award for Leadership in Sustainability!

This beautiful 1/2 acre garden was constructed with a minimal budget and LOADS of community and family involvement.  A retired parent of a graduated student took the lead on its design and construction, inspired greatly by principles of permaculture.

Weekly Sunday workdays and parent involvement have facilitated the development of the garden and  a school-wide composting program. A very, very impressive first year.

How was Grow Your Lunch involved?

Grow Your Lunch founder, Benjamin Eichorn, worked with the teachers, parents and administration to facilitate the early stages of the project.  He focused the energy and divided the group into committee groups which had clear areas of responsibility and a system for ongoing feedback and communication. Benjamin also led sample garden classes with students in order to help teachers understand how to coordinate teaching and working in the garden with students. Grow Your Lunch also offered support in developing and choosing appropriate garden curriculum for K-8th grade.

Does your school need help in these areas?  Consider Grow Your Lunch to help you get off to the right start!

The site, untouched – Summer 2010

Tractor work done, circles shaped, irrigation system constructed, manure spread and incorporated into the soil before sowing cover crop.

A creative, efficient and inexpensive “hot pile” composting system

Winter 2010-2011, cover crop and citrus tree in the foreground

Summer 2011, ahh diversity!

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