Country Flat Farm, Big Sur, CA

Country Flat Farm is nestled in Palo Colorado Canyon, in the coastal mountains between Carmel and Big Sur, California.  The farm grows delicious fruits and vegetables year round (see

Grow Your Lunch founder, Benjamin Eichorn’s family has been living here since 1984. Back when the journey began, Ben’s parents were searching for a piece of land where they could build a sustainable home, raise their children in a healthy, pristine environment and have a small family farm. The land was pretty much raw and untouched by human hands except for some logging activity early in the 20th century.

The Eichorns: Peter, Lizzy, Janie and Ben

Upon visiting what would become Country Flat for the first time, Peter Eichorn, Ben’s dad and primary farming mentor, crawled through the dense native vegetation so he could touch and examine the soil to determine if it were suitable to sustain his dreams. It more than met his expectations and the rest is history!

Summer Wheat Harvest

Ben’s parents, Peter and Janie, built a “rammed earth” home and have been living “off the grid” on solar power all these years.  The land is sustained by a sweet-water spring.

Solar Powered Farmhouse

The Solar-Powered, Rammed-Earth Farmhouse

Over the years Country Flat has provided organic vegetables for the local Palo Colorado Canyon community and had a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) serving 30 families for several years on the Monterey Peninsula. Currently, the primary  focus is on beekeeping and growing citrus, berries and gourmet salad greens which the farm sells to local restaurants and produce markets.  Meyer Lemons are sold to Bay Area wholesalers during peak harvests (February-May and July-September).

The Orchard at Country Flat Farm

The Orchard at Country Flat Farm