Garden Educator Recruitment


helps schools achieve a green vision”

– Paul Chapman, Retired Head of School, Head-Royce, Oakland, CA

Whether yours is a fledgling program or has been in existence for years, hiring the right garden educator can be an arduous task. In this process, we get to know your team and your garden program in order to find just the right fit.

Here’s how it works:

1.) We Collaborate with your administration and faculty to develop a Job Description and Job Posting that reflects the needs of your garden program and school community

2.) We Disseminate the Job Posting throughout our robust network of environmental and food educators

3.) Assist with the Interview and Hiring Processes

4.) Once the hire is made, we support with Professional Development and Training as needed

Pricing: The this kind of support can be billed at an hourly consulting rate or on a commission basis. Please call 415.742.1854 to discuss which scenario will work best for your school.