Natural Pest Control

To control pests naturally is to observe their patterns and look to nature for solutions

The European Brown Snail

The European Brown Snail

“Ahhh! Something is eating my precious garden! What is it? What should I do? Am I a bad gardener if I don’t do something NOW?”

Sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone. Many budding gardeners get hung up on the challenges posed by pests when they really don’t need to. This is because pests distract us from the main priority in our gardens, which is to build healthy soil.

You can prevent most pest damage by balancing the nutrients in your soil, composting and cover-cropping, watering appropriately and removing damaged plant material from the garden.

If the preventative approach is not working for you and you are reading to start dealing with your garden pest problems in a natural way, see Chapter 10 of our Edible Gardening handbook (Free Download Here).

Tip: The best way to keep snails and slugs from eating your crops is to clear out the dense and congested areas in your garden where they might be hiding during the day (they are nocturnal) and put strips of copper flashing around your baby transplants – snails and slugs will not cross it as it gives them an electric shock!

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