Workshops: Integrating the Garden into Existing School Curricula and Core Standards – for K-12 Educators

“An outdoor classroom garden is a natural platform for teaching Common Core Standards”

Harvard Education Letter, Graduate School of Education, December 2012


In these inspiring workshops, educators discover simple connections that bridge the garden/classroom divide, making the garden a good use of class time.

Outcome: Each teacher takes away 2 new lessons that they have co-created with our instructors, integrating the garden into their subject area and existing lesson plans.

Curriculum and Standards Integration Workshops (2-3 hours each):

K-2 Mixed Subjects

3-5 Mixed Subjects

6-8 Math and Science

6-8 Language Arts and Social Studies

9-10 Math and Science

9-10 Language Arts and Social Studies

11-12 Math and Science

11-12 Language Arts and Social Studies

*Workshops are customized to fit the curriculum and standards used by each school*