Garden to Cafeteria Programs

“Students may now be more connected and perhaps more receptive to eating healthy vegetables and fruits.”

– Cathy Baur, Assistant Superintendent, Mountain View Whisman School District

School Garden Harvest Table

Edible Garden Harvest Table


Most schools, corporate campuses and institutions that have edible gardens fail to integrate garden produce successfully into cafe and cafeteria programs.


Grow Your Lunch has identified a few key obstacles to developing successful garden to cafe and cafeteria programs, including:

1.) A lack of technical productive gardening know-how

2.) Fears of not complying with Local, State and Federal food safety laws

3.) An unwillingness to challenge the status quo with regard to food procurement

4.) A lack of kitchen infrastructure for preparing food from scratch


Grow Your Lunch develops successful garden to cafe and cafeteria programs by providing the following resources:

1.) A customized Planting and Harvesting Calendar or Crop Plan

2.) A Garden to Cafeteria Protocols Manual, customized to meet the specific public health and food safety regulations of your city and county.

3.) Professional Development Workshops for employees managing your program

4.) Techniques, tools and strategies for using garden produce in school lunch (with or without a prep kitchen)



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