Spring: Scarcity in the Edible Garden

Heirloom Lettuces for Spring salads!

Heirloom Lettuces for Spring salads!

Spring is a challenging time of year for edible gardens at our latitude. The late Winter harvests are over, the soil is breathing between crops, and little is coming out of the garden other than leftover Winter fare: beets, leafy greens, herbs, wild salad greens, weeds abound.

A few citrus remain and berries won’t be in for a couple of months in Northern California. If you’re lucky you might find avocados grown on the Central and Southern California Coasts. But if you abide by the 150-mile radius local eating philosophy, times are tough.

The Ohlone people, a very diverse group of tribes native to the San Francisco Bay Area, referred to April as the “Hungry Moon,” which should remind us that even in the uncultivated world, food is scarce for humans this time of year.  Sitting exactly opposite in seasons from the Harvest Moon of October, the seasonal palate must be patient. For now…

For seasonal culinary inspiration in the San Francisco Bay Area, visit: http://cuesa.org/page/seasonality-chart-vegetables.

Happy Spring!

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