Workday Facilitation

At Grow Your Lunch, we believe that a garden program should be built by the community which it serves. Programs built with broad community support have much higher chances of success over the long-term. For this reason, we do not build gardens for schools. We build the garden with your school community.

If you’d like one of our specialists to support your program by Facilitating a Workday, this is how it works:

1.) We visit your site ahead of time and identify the project priorities in the garden

2.) We make sure you have all of the tools and materials on site that you will need for the workday

3.) When your community and parent volunteers arrive, we give them meaningful projects to work on with expert supervision

4.) We ensure a positive experience for all involved and quality work accomplished

Pricing: Workday Facilitation is billed at an hourly rate. Prices vary based on how many workdays you would like us to facilitate. Please call for 415.742.1854 to discuss the details of your project with us.